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  • Publish Book "CMS WORDPRESS" Written by WEBCRAE INFOWAY
  • Invited By Gardi Engineering College as Expert Project Faculty
  • Contributed as Teaching Assistant in GUJCOST sponsored Workshop on “Future Trends and Research Opportunities in Cyber Security”
  • Coordinated “LINUX” Workshop with help of spoken tutorial by IIT Bombay.
  • Contributed as Teaching Assistant in Two- Week ISTE STTP on “Introduction to Design of Algorithms” By IIT Kharagpur
  • Online Learning Course By IIT BOMBAY on “CS101.1x:Introduction to Computer programming”
  • “DDoS Attacks Detection and Traceback by Using Relative Entropy” National Conference on Computer Science & Security (COCSS 2013) [April 05-06, 2013] ISBN: 978-81-923462-0-5.
  • "DESIGN OF AN IMAGE MOSAICING TECHNIQUE" International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD) e-ISSN : 2348 - 4470, p-ISSN : 2348-6406
  • 2-Day Faculty Devlopment Programme on “Design Engineering”
  • Online Learning Course By IIT Bombay on “CS101.1x:Introduction to Computer programming”
  • Spoken Tutorial Training on “LINUX” By IIT Bombay
  • Two week The Secure Token Transfer Protocol(STTP) on “Cyber Security” by IIT Bombay
  • workshop on “Latex-A Document Preparation system”

WordPress Book

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