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Android - Why should I get trained?

Being a fresher in IT field, you are always presented with many choices. It is not unlikely that people may get confused and in the state of confusion, they consult someone senior in his circle who is already established in IT sector.

People tend to gives suggestions as per their experience so someone who is into JAVA and related technologies will suggest to adopt JAVA where as a person into Microsoft Technologies may suggest to go for .NET and associated technologies.

There is no second thought about these established technologies but for a fresher, getting into these technologies may not be easier as there are many, read millions, developers with vast experience in these platforms. Companies also prefer experienced professionals over freshers in such circumstances.

The above discussion sets the platform for our further discussion on why and how Android can be a better choice for a fresher. Android is an operating system for smartphones of the future generation. With Linux in its core, and Google leading the development of the whole platform, it can be safely assumed to be the technology of the future.

Android is evolving very fast and new releases are coming like a flash. This makes our job of providing training on Android challenging and interesting. We at Codefrux Technologies, Bangalore, continuously review the new releases & market demands and revise our course content, examples, training materials etc. accordingly.

If you have a PC (even a P-IV machine with 2 GB RAM is sufficient enough), you can start learning Android and complete the training. The development tools are available for free for all the platforms such as Linux, Windows and MAC. So there is no licensing cost involved.



Android Kitkat Version.


Android 4.3

Android Jellybean Version.




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