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AngularJS - What is it?

AngularJS is a very powerful JavaScript Framework. It is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. It extends HTML DOM with additional attributes and makes it more responsive to user actions. AngularJS is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world. It is licensed under the Apache license version 2.0.

6 reasons why AngularJS should be used for development

Security: When we talk about enterprise development or transformation to a new leading technology framework, security is the top most concern. And now more than ever enterprises are focusing more on data security, easy access to their channels, distributors and sales team. Certainly, they have to look for a complete solution that can power enterprise processes and business. Declarative User Interface: For defining app’s UI AngularJS uses HTML, which is a declarative, intuitive and less convoluted language than defining an interface in JavaScript. You should stop spending time on program flows and what loads first, simply define what you need, Angular will deliver the rest.
Integration: It is easy to integrate third party features with AngularJS as Angular integration comes pre-built into frameworks such as Telerik’s Kendo UI, Ionic,, Wijmo and others. However, this is one of the most essential factors to leverage AngularJS development for enterprises for the integration with other frameworks and tools.
Data Binding: This is the coolest concept with two-way binding in AngularJS and we would like to introduce it as an eye candy feature.
Less Coding: Coders need to spend less time in coding process as AngularJS requires less coding. Without a doubt it is a great deal for developers.
A glance where it asks for fewer codes:
AngularJS developers community do not require to write their own pipeline Its data model is simple and you do not need any getter/setter functions Its data-binding feature grants developers to stop giving data manually into the view AngularJS is defined using HTML for view to make it more specific As directives are separate from app code, other teams can write it without any integration issue. Filters allow developer to manipulate the data on the view level without changing any of your controllers AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection subsystem useful for developers for creating applications in an easier style including testing process as well.
Easy Testing: The codes written in JavaScript are required to follow a series of tests. As we know that JavaScript is interpreted and dynamic and not compiled.



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